Women Talk Wednesday: To all the Infertility Warriors

Hello, my name is Jenny and my husband Jake and I are battling infertility and are willing to share our story with you.

My husband Jake and I met in high school, and started dating at age 19. Immediately we knew we were meant to be together. Since then we have always dreamed about getting married and starting a family of our own. We were married on October 27, 2018. Little did we know there would be significant roadblocks for us in growing our little family.

For several consecutive months, I had constant severe pain amongst other symptoms. I was also anovulatory and had amenorrhea. We knew it was time to examine this further, so we made an appointment with a fertility specialist. After several tests, we were told I needed surgery including a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. My husband also had testing performed, that came back within normal range.

March 2019 is when surgery was performed. It was much more extensive than they had originally thought. I had approximately 15 areas of endometriosis removed, a large cyst was removed, diagnosed with PCOS, adenomyosis was found, 2 leiomyomas were removed, ovarian drilling was performed, and a tubal dye study was completed as well. Surgery went perfectly, and I was feeling 100 times better than my old self by two weeks post-op. I was amazed that I could indeed live nearly pain free after having pain for several years.

My doctor gave us the green light in April 2019 to start trying on our own for 3-4 months with no medical intervention. If pregnancy did not occur within that timeframe, fertility treatments would be started.

We did not have luck after 4 months of trying to conceive on our own. The next several months we went through fertility treatments consisting of several different medications, trigger shot injections, and ultrasound follicle checks. After one-year of failed results, we are currently awaiting our first round of combo IUI. Many symptoms have returned, and a large cyst has been found on my right ovary. Another laparoscopy and hysteroscopy surgery was performed February 21, 2020, in hopes we can continue with IUI immediately following.

To all of you infertility warriors, we see you, we are you, and we pray for you every day.

Jenny & Jake

-About the Author-
Hello! My name is Jenny, and my husband Jake and I are from Wisconsin. We met in high school and starting dating at age 19. Since then we knew we were destined to be together. We have always dreamed about getting married and starting a family of our own. Throughout college we were in a “long-distance” relationship. Jake went to college to study business and finance, and I attended college to become a Physical Therapist Assistant.

We got engaged during a trip we took together in Washington DC…best surprise ever! The following February we bought a house we now proudly call home, and were married on October 27, 2018. I went back to school and became a Licensed Massage Therapist, and am now an independent contractor/have my own business as a LMT. For one-year, we have been trying to conceive undergoing different fertility treatments.
Jake and I enjoy going on new adventures together, whether that is weekend road trips, traveling out of state, or finding new hidden treasures where we reside.  We also like to cook, hike, camp, shoot darts, and spend time with our families.

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