About Us

The Fertility Project is an organization that has been brought into this world out of passion, concern, and the idea that women’s health should never be thought of as controversial.

We want to know why everyone, men and women alike, can tell you that “The Mitochondria is the power house of the cell”, but when we ask women about their menstrual cycle, they can barely scratch the surface.

We want to know why girls in schools are taught about STDs and STIs, but are never taught about the different options of birth control. We’ve all heard “Just don’t have sex” at least once in our lives, but honestly, how realistic is that?

We want to know why our fertility isn’t praised and boasted about- We bring life into this world!

The Fertility Project’s goal is to bring education about fertility and women’s health to every woman everywhere. Young and old; trying to conceive and trying to avoid pregnancy; daughters, mothers, and everyone in between. Every woman- together.

Women’s health isn’t controversial. Not your period, not your pregnancy, not your fears of infertility. YOU aren’t controversial. It’s time to take a stand and end the controversy. Join us!

Help us #normalizewomenshealth

Our Founder- Brittany Lindsey

Hi, I’m Brittany Lindsey and I am the founder of The Fertility Project. I am a wife, teacher, and a boy mama. With The Fertility Project, my dream of accessible women’s health information is becoming a reality! I believe that women are UNSTOPPABLE, especially when we lean on each other.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. May we EDUCATE them!”