The Only Journey that’s Worth the Wait

Maybe I’m the only one, but when I was little I used to make my Bratz dolls pregnant. I would stuff clothes in their shirts and pretend they were having a baby. On Saturday mornings I would wake up extra early to secretly watch “A Baby Story” on TLC. For as long as I can… Continue reading The Only Journey that’s Worth the Wait

Our Founder’s Journey to Motherhood

"Conception isn't always as easy as high school makes you think" It was finally time. My husband and I were finally ready to start a family of our own. I had done the research, I had bought the ovulation tests, I recently just stopped birth control. I was ready to become something I had wanted… Continue reading Our Founder’s Journey to Motherhood

Betrayed By My Own Body

The journey my husband and I took to parenthood was long, complicated, and heartbreaking. However, for us, it was worth it. That doesn’t mean it was “fair”. As someone who has experienced the pain and uncertainty of infertility, I have an intimate understanding of how unfair it feels when it seems as though everyone around… Continue reading Betrayed By My Own Body